How We Work

A core competence of Capital Market Partners A/S is that we know capital market companies and the various products, processes and functional areas, down to the level of understanding each function’s jargon and the people, roles and responsibilities involved.

This  is a basis of how we help support decision making on  market opportunities, product roadmaps and strategic IT  development.  It helps us to  analyse regulatory changes , to identify  the range of market impacts as well as the  direct impact for a  given organisation


Combining business know-how with technical expertise and practical experience

We combine this business know-how with our technical knowledge and practical experience of project management within the capital markets area to create a bridge between business and technology , in order to secure the business objectives.

We help provide a catalyst to help IT deliver  by ensuring that business requirements  chrystalise , problems  are solved, and designs are validated and stabilised.

The goal is to ensure that the implementation team has the raw material  it needs  to build a set of systems and a capability that  will create value for the firm. CMP  will also strengthen the implementation team  itself , by providing resources as needed.

Business domains

Project and IT implementation

In CMP’s experience, we deliver value by reducing the risk that projects are not sufficiently defined, or that, to a greater or lesser extent, these are challenged by innate divergences between front, middle or back offices towards any given solution.

We help boost an organisation’s delivery capacity as we add to their scarce resources of people capable of taking-on a business challenge in its entirety and carrying this forward into its technical implementation.


CMP draws on the lengthy capital markets experience of  its people to provide  the right expertise , experience and  problem solving  skills, bridging gaps where needed  and ensuring efficient communication.