Business Cases

Our understanding of business needs and the different functional roles is a crucial factor in reaching the intended objectives.

This means that we understand implications and the value of existing business processes, the objectives business has set itself, and the external challenges it faces.

We help capital market organisations succeed in a broad range of business objectives:

Business case #1

How a danish pension fund reduced their annual reporting time

CMP helped AP Pension improving processes and usage of IT systems.  The overall goal was to reduce time and resources spent on creating the current accounts.  The project was part of a larger program at AP Pension, and CMP helped with many different subjects in the program, related to our experience with business and IT systems.

You can read the CMP case about AP Pension here.

Business case #2

Helping service providers and their users

CMP has the capital market knowledge and experience to help business meet a diverse range of objectives.

Many banks join together as users/owners of shared banking operations service providers in order to to get economies of scale and scope.  For their capital markets activities, the common service provider can give them shared tools that will cost effectively support trading, risk management and operations across multiple asset classes and can also meet the increasing demands of derivatives trading. 

Business case #3

On-boarding of a new bank owner

In another example, CMP helped a banking platform provider, owned by 15 Danish banks, to on-board a new large bank owner/participant. There were large potential economies of scale to be gained from the deal, but strategic decisions needed to be taken in order to optimally serve the new combination of users.