As a small company aiming to have a close and trusting relationship for many years with a small group of customers, we are totally dependent on delivering an excellent result – every time! Therefore we are very careful about selecting employees and partners that take ownership of the tasks, can manage freedom with responsibility and who are fully committed. In this way we believe we can ensure a very high quality in our work with customers.

In this context, quality is understood in its widest sense. Of course, the specific task must be competently solved, in a way that delivers value to the customer, but it’s more than that.

It is a general impression that encompasses the practical values of being punctual, keeping appointments and deadlines, respecting the client’s culture and internal procedures, as well as making hard to quantify contributions such as being pleasant to work with, pleasant to be around and a being a good team player, pulling one’s weight and supporting colleagues.

Given that this is the people we need, we want to exploit the fact that we are a small organization to treat employees as individually as possible, within a common framework. This framework stems from our values: A workplace that is worth your full commitment, where the individual takes ownership of the company and the job and performs with a high degree of freedom and responsibility.

Specifically for employees this means that we:

  1. treat everyone individually, based on a holistic understanding of the individual employee, including a social responsibility to employees and surroundings
  2. expect a very high level of participation and responsibility by everyone for their own work and development both professional and personal
  3. provide and expect an open and equal communication.