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As a niche company, we aim to have a close and trusting relationship with our customers. Therefor, we are dependent on delivering an excellent result – every time!

This means that, selecting employees and partners is a highly valued process, as we wish to employ people who will take ownership of the task, manage freedom with responsibility and be fully committed. This way, we believe that we can ensure quality in our work and engagement with our customers.

Our Values

And then there’s the part about having fun in CMP; naturally, everything is not supposed to be fun and games, but you have to enjoy what you do. It’s an attitude that permeate the entire company.

Peter Jørn JensenSenior Manager

Primarily, there are three things in CMP I find very important: there is a huge flexibility in the working conditions, there is a very high level of knowledge and lastly, you’re being met at eye level.

Martin SellebjergManager

Our Values

Since the very beginning of the company, three values have been the cornerstone of the foundation of CMP: Fun, quality, profitability. These are a fundamental part of our work, as well as the relation to our customers, to our employees and between colleagues.


Fun entails that the work we do has to make us feel good. We have to feel good about our job, about each other, about our customers, about our daily work. Practically speaking, the size of the company enable us to decide how we operate and we strive to be as informal and as non-bureaucratic as possible. This way, we are open for suggestions on how to make things easier and as flexible as possible – for all parties.

It is our goal to create a work environment that is both fun, motivating, inspiring and challenging that is worthy of every employee’s full commitment.


Quality entails that we must do a good job. We execute our assignments with competence and we only take on new projects where we can deliver real value to the customer. We strive to focus our entire business, systems and procedures in a correct and carefully prepared manner, and thereby reflecting quality both internally and externally.

It is our goal to create a work environment where each employee take ownership of the assignments, and guarantees quality as a part of CMP.


Profitability means that we have to make money. To do this, the commitment of every employee is essential and that is why, the profitability should benefit everyone. Therefor, we have bonus programmes that ensure an attractive remuneration for both partners and consultants, when they contribute and the company benefits from this.

It is our goal to create a company with an extensive freedom with responsibility, in which the incentive of the individual and the overall objectives of the company is congruent to an extent where control and formalistic frames can be at a minimum.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is a central part of CMP. By taking advantage of the way the company is structured, we have a great opportunity to share knowledge with each other.

This is essential for the company as a whole, but also for the individual consultant. This way, we can expand our competencies, share experiences to help each other, and ultimately create value for our clients.

In practice, we have our “Monthly Meetings” which give us an opportunity to share knowledge and experience from each of our specific fields of expertise, cases and assignments.

Have a look at one of our meetings, and why we think of them as an important tradition.

Our employees are our most important resource

Our consultants are our most important resource. Therefor, it is crucial for us to make sure that each CMP employee is satisfied. We believe that we can create the best conditions for our employees. Conditions where our employees make use of their professional competencies, work on independent projects and discuss different subjects with colleagues,  in such a way that both employee and client are content.

But do not take our word for it. Here you can read what some of our consultants say about working in CMP.

What do our consultants say about working in CMP?

Kristian Vincentz Rygaard


Kristian Vincentz Rygaard, Manager

What made CMP attractive in your opinion?

We are not a big company and I actually think that is pretty cool. There is a lot of freedom with responsibility and we are being involved a lot in the different processes and decisions. In general, it’s a whole lot funnier to be involved in things you feel you’re a part of. In CMP there’s a big affiliation to the company in contrast to bigger companies, where you’re just one out of 1000.

What are the advantages of working in CMP?

CMP greatly respects what I guess you can call ‘work-life balance’, which they have quite some focus on – a thing not every employer out there focuses on. In CMP, you have a certain amount of influence on the assignments you work and that’s a plus in my book.

What are the challenges of working in a company like CMP?

It can be challenge to be a consultant because you will almost always be ‘New in Job’ when you arrive. You need to be relatively open as a person and be able to talk with all sorts of people. But even then, you can sometimes feel a bit alone, because even though you are working at one client for a longer period of time, the people there aren’t your colleagues. So you have to be able to converse and most importantly, be able to collaborate in all sorts of directions.

Also, as a consultant there are higher expectations to your work than to the employees at the client – and rightly so! You are the one arriving with your expert knowledge and thus, it is expected that you deliver something. There are obviously also expectations to the client’s employees but there is an expectation, and also on our own behalf, that we come and deliver quality. So as a consultant you will have to deal with pressure of expectations.

What do you get from working at CMP and how it is different from other companies?

It’s exciting to see how different organisations are being managed and lead; to see how organisations, that on the outside look the same, can be very different when you look at them from within. There are very different management styles and ways to do things. As a consultant you get insight on how to form all sorts of processes and how to lead in general. I find that very interesting.

Peter Jørn Jensen

Photo by Claus Sall (

Peter Jørn Jensen, Senior Manager

What made CMP attractive in your opinion?

CMP is a company with a focus on professional knowledge, and where there is a great deal of freedom with responsibilities. It obviously depends on where you are in your life, but having responsibility for your own assignments is something I find rather brilliant. And then there’s the part about having fun in CMP; naturally, everything is not supposed to be fun and games, but you have to enjoy what you do. It’s an attitude that permeate the entire company. I think it’s a neat thing and it was one of the reasons for choosing CMP as my employer.

Apart from that, in CMP we are in this together and we are trying to have a certain team spirit and a certain corporate culture. When we are more CMP consultants at the same place, the client should get the feeling that we know each other. It isn’t just two random consultants, who pours into the building; it is two consultants, who know each other, who have some form of unity and who have common values.

What are the advantages of working in CMP?

The advantages of working here are that I can put my professionalism to use while having a great variation in the assignments. You work different places and try different things but still within the area in which you have your expertise. That’s a cool thing. And then it’s a pleasure to be a ‘wise-guy’ – I don’t know if that’s the correct expression – but to be able to experience your knowledge being used to something constructive and something others can use. That’s probably the most important thing; that others benefit from your knowledge.

What are the challenges of working in a company like CMP?

There are both personal challenges and challenges revolving the company as a whole. The personal challenges are that you aren’t a part of the social environment at the client. You can be part of the social activities but it isn’t at every client you will be. You could say that as a consultant, you are in some way an appendix. It’s a very natural role to have because you aren’t supposed to stay at the client.

It may cost some energy to be on your toes and to network when you start with a new client, but the process is important so people know who you are, when you have to write internal mails or participate in meetings. That can sometimes be a challenge.

Another challenge is that since we are spending most of our time at the client, the team spirit, that is one of the advantages of working in CMP, is difficult to maintain. In CMP, you don’t meet your colleagues as often as you do in a normal company, where you meet your colleagues every morning. That requires something from all of us when we get together in terms of using some more energy when sharing knowledge or just being together socially. But I do think that we have succeeded with those aspects so far.

What do you get from working at CMP and how it is different from other companies?

The great thing about being a consultant is that all the ‘everyday problems’ in a company, policies, HR, problems in terms of co-operations and so on; in principle, you’re above all that. When you’re done with your assignment, your recommendation or whatever it may be, you can just hand it in and what the client does with your proposal is, in principle, not any of your business. You will obviously have certain feelings for your project and argue in favour for it but whether it should be handled today, tomorrow or the day after isn’t something you’ll lose your sleep over – as you might would do if you were the manager in the company.

As a consultant, you can share your thoughts and recommendations, obviously within certain limits, but you don’t have to take part in all the things surrounding the client. And I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been a part of that previously in my career.

Martin Sellebjerg

Photo by Claus Sall (

Martin Sellebjerg, Manager

What made CMP attractive in your opinion?

Primarily, there are three things in CMP I find very important: there is a huge flexibility in the working conditions, there is a very high level of knowledge and lastly, you’re being met at eye level.

The flexibility means that you as an employee in CMP have a certain amount of freedom to do the things in your way. There isn’t this ‘box thinking’ with fixed roles and a fixed progression. CMP focuses on the individual employee and strives to create the right conditions. In my case, I recently had a baby, whom I’d like to prioritize and the things I seek wouldn’t be possible in the one of the big consulting firm – for whom I actually have been working for previously.

The high knowledge level is a result of the majority of CMP’s consultants having more than ten years of experience within the capital markets and either come from a consultant or partner background from one of the big consulting firms or have had top positions in the industry. On top of that, we strive to maintain the informal and collegial tone, which I think is important.

Put together these conditions make me perform at my highest level and keep me motivated and that is why CMP as a company, in my opinion, is relatively more successful compared to other consulting firms.

What are the advantages of working in CMP?

Besides the things we have just talked about, things like in-service training and skill-raising courses are advantages of working here and something CMP has a very flexible approach to. In addition to the very knowledgeable co-workers I can discuss work related issues with, CMP is co-operative in terms of the courses and training you’d like.

What are the challenges of working in a company like CMP?

One challenge could be that there is a lack of structure in a way, and some people have a need for structure. Or put differently, freedom has its back side; you have to be able to handle it. To some it may be very frustrating not having one particular way of doing things in the company and instead having wide limits and no stringent career ladder.

What do you get from working at CMP and how it is different from other companies?

The informal tone combined with a high level of specialist competencies – that motivates me and I get that in CMP.

Further, the flexibility is very important for me. CMP is a really good alternative to those, who think a career within consulting is exciting but are not necessarily keen on working 60 hours a week. It is definitely possible to work much more than your standard working week and get a lot of experience if that is what you want, but on the other hand it is also possible to prioritize other things for some time.

Professional expertise

We want to be our client’s ‘trusted advisor’ and to become just that, we need to deliver quality in our work characterized by a high level of professional expertise, reliability, problem-solving and a delivery of sustainable solutions to their organisation.

Therefore, we are dependent on the knowledge and professional competencies in CMP.

It is essential for us to attract and retain consultants that are not only experts within their field but who fit into our corporate culture and values.


Only with the best team of employees are we able to develop trust with our clients and assure them that we always deliver what they demand – and often more than that. In this context, the best team means two things. For one thing, it means that we expect that our consultants take ownership over their own personal and professional development.

Only by questioning and challenging our knowledge do we get wiser and we urge our employees to continuously sharpen their professional profiles – with all the support we can give. For another, it means that we are always looking for strong profiles who wants to be a part of our professional community.

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