Our Consultants

Our consultants all share a deep insight to the business and working of financial services based on years of working within the industry.

We believe that business insight is a necessary prerequisite for a quality performance in project management and system development of infrastructure related to capital markets.

The business insight provides our consultants with the ability to bridge the gap between the specifications and the end result, be that in the role as project manager or developer.

Consultant Profiles

Our consultants mostly have an academic background and managerial experience from either IT, development, Front or Back office departments of either financial institutions or suppliers to these. Some come with a technical background, others from law or economics.

Some are experienced consultants, others new to the role, but all have at least 10 years of experience from the financial sector. Generally speaking, the consultant profiles can be divided into two main groups: Project managers/analysts or technicians/developers.

Specific profiles can be forwarded upon request.


CMP’s top management consists of the board.

Daily operations are run by Managing Partner, Christian Thygesen.

Apart from Christian Thygesen, the partner group consists of Lars Christiansen, Thomas Skou, Morten Weesgaard Christensen and Kenneth Brandborg

All members of the partner group each have their separate area of operational responsibilities.


Christian Thygesen, Managing Partner

Christian Thygesen has been employed in the financial sector since joining the Danish Central Bank in 1992. From 1998 to 2002 he worked for the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, dealing first with financial infrastructure monitoring and then monetary policy in the office of capital markets and financial infrastructure. From 2002 to 2007 he was Head of Projects & Analysis at Roskilde Bank. Since then he has worked as a consultant in the capital markets area.

Christian has extensive experience with how banks work and interact through exchanges, trading platforms, clearing houses, central securities depositories and central banks.

As a consultant, his focus has been on efficient implementation of regulation and system selection in its many guises.

Christian was born in 1967, and holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and an MBA from the International University of Japan.


Lars Christiansen, Partner

Lars Christiansen began working in the financial sector in 1987, starting at Provinsbanken as trainee and working four years as a bond trader in Scandinavian bonds. In 1992 he became Account Manager for Dow Jones, with responsibility for installations in a number of trading departments. From 1998 to 2003 he worked in Luxembourg and Frankfurt as project manager and contractor for Commerzbank, Depfa, IKB and HSH Nordbank in the trading departments. When Lars moved back to Denmark, he continued to work within the Capital Markets area, both in his time as a management consultant for PA Consulting Group, and as a contractor, notably for Nykredit and Nordea.

Lars’ strength is his extensive knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the main systems used in Front, Middle and Back Office functions, as well as his many years of experience in implementing and integrating such systems with success.

Lars was born in 1967 and holds a BSc in Business Administration.

Thomas Skou, Partner

Thomas Skou has since 1998 worked as a business consultant with a strong background in implementation of Investment- and Treasury Management systems.

Thomas has an in-depth financial knowledge, an excellent understanding of the investment management business and the internal business processes. He has thorough working experience within the triangle of finance, IT applications and business understanding. Thomas has implemented a wide range of projects – all with the aim to support, build or maintain the commercial and/or administrative infrastructure.

Thomas is accustomed to operate on all organisational levels as well as having different organisational report lines.

Thomas holds a MSc in Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Morten Weesgaard Christensen, Partner

Morten W. Christensen has been working in the financial sector since 2003, primarily with financial risk management, compliance, and system implementations. Morten has comprehensive consultancy experience, and has most recently been equity partner in KPMG with responsibility for financial risk management and compliance with focus on the banking industry and large corporations. Morten’s primary focus area is market/counterpart risk and credit risk management.

Furthermore, Morten has a lot of experienced with risk management from a mid-sized bank. He has a vast regulatory knowledge and is well founded within CRD IV/Basel IV, EMIR, MiFID II, FRTB, LCR, , COREP/FINREP, IFRS 9.

Morten has a broad business and system understanding within Front, Middle and Back Office and is accustomed to operate on all organisational levels as well as having different organisational report lines.

Morten was born in 1975, and holds a MSc in Finance from Aarhus Business School.

Kenneth Brandborg, Partner

Kenneth Brandborg has worked in the financial sector since 2001 with focus on implementation, and development of risk management, performance calculation and investment management systems. Kenneth has been employed as senior consultant, team leader, and most recently as senior analyst in the market risk department in one of the largest banks in Denmark, with primary focus on fixed income market risk.

Kenneth has developed and implemented a number of complicated projects and assignments within insurance, pension, banks, Capital Markets, as well as asset management. These have contributed to Kenneth’s in depth experience in transforming his specialist knowledge into to high performing solutions. Kenneth has broad business and system knowledge within Front, Middle and Back Office, with focus on risk- and performance measurement. Furthermore, Kenneth has several years of teaching experience on GDBA, BA, master and CFA courses.

Kenneth is accustomed to operate on all organisational levels as well as having different organisational report lines.

Kenneth was born in 1976, and holds a MSc in Economics from University of Southern Denmark and is CFA charter holder.

Peter Jørn Jensen, Senior Manager

Peter Jørn Jensen has been in the financial sector for 30 years. He started his career in Andelsbanken in 1985 and has since 1988 worked in the capital markets area. Peter spent over 20 years in management positions at nearly all levels. Peter has primarily dealt with the Operations area in securities, foreign exchange, derivatives and custody where process optimization and efficiency has always been a focus area.

From 1990 to 2005, he worked in Unibank / Nordea, where he was Head of Operations for futures and options, Head of Operations in Unibank Luxembourg ending with the position of Nordic Head of Securities Processes in Nordea. Then Peter was 2 years on BEC in Roskilde, where he served as a link between sales and development within the Trade and Asset Management. Most recently, Peter ended a 7 years term as the Chief Operating Officer of Nykredit Portfolio Administration, which is Denmark’s largest investment management company in the management of mutual funds and alternative investment funds.

Peter can succeed at all organizational levels – he can engage the business from the operational detail to the strategic executive level.

Peter was born in 1964.

Jakob Werner Carlsen, Manager

Jakob Carlsen has since 2002 gained experience in delivering complex core business systems within the financial sector. Jakob has primarily worked with product pricing, portfolio modeling, flow handling and with creating report platforms. Besides financial skills, Jakob has a strong technical background that makes him capable of finding and implementing solutions to complex problems in IT systems. As a project manager, Jakob is known for his ability to combine technical and business related competencies, and to bridge business and IT. The combination of technical and business skills is reflected in his approach on issues handling and problem solving.

Jakob was born in 1980, and holds a B.Sc. in Business and Maths from Copenhagen Business School.

Michael Gaihede, Manager

Michael Gaihede has since 1985 gained experience as a business and IT consultant with primary focus on financial institutions. Michael has been involved in IT development from an early start, and has gradually moved into more technical IT implementation – including systems analysis/design, programming and implementation.

He has worked on a number of different platforms using a wide range of database systems (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySql, etc.) and programming languages (primarily C#/.NET, Delphi and Java). He participates in – and often manages – end-to-end solutions from initial business analysis to final implementation on a given platform.

Michael has extensive experience with IT related concepts and practices (e.g. SOLID principles and development patterns), is a certified ScrumMaster and holds a Prince II certification.

Michael holds a MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Henning Skov Jensen, Manager

Henning Skov Jensen has since 1985 gained extensive experience from the financial sector. With his primary focus on Investment Management including Front Office, Portfolio Management and Asset Management.

With comprehensive experience, and great know-how within business challenges, Henning has contributed to business development, and system support for pension funds, life insurance companies, investment funds, banks, FinTech, finance- and shareholder associations as well as financial media groups.

Henning has a profound professional insight and consistent focus on creating solutions that deliver value to the business competitiveness and profitability. Henning has management experience and has previously held positions as Head of Asset Management, Head of Research, Portfolio Manager, Management Partner and Executive Advisor.

Furthermore, Henning has been supervisor and examiner on master theses within Financial Markets, Investment Management, External Accounting and Financial Strategy Management for more than 25 years.

Henning was born in 1961 and holds an MSc in Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School.

Peter Jensen, Manager

Peter Jensen has worked within the financial sector, nationally as well as internationally, since 1986, where he first started in the Danish banking industry. Peter has extensive experience from a wide range of projects and different responsibilities in system implementation and accounting, but his primary focus has been on markets and asset management, where Peter creates bridges between IT, business and finance.

Peter has covered a number of tasks as Senior Business Controller, where he has worked with system implementation, tests, process improvements, and a foreign bank’s establishment of a Danish branch.

In the technical aspect, Peter has been working with SimCorp Dimension for more than 10 years, developing and implementing customer stability systems with asset managers, as well as design and development of a currency reporting system at the Danish Central Bank.

In recent years, Peter has worked with reporting (MFI3) and investment associations (STINA) at the Danish Central Bank.

Peter was born in 1966, is bank educated and holds a Graduate Diploma  in Computer Science and Economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Dea Lillelund Larsen, Manager

Dea Lillelund Larsen has been working in the financial sector since 2006. Here she has achieved extensive experience and insights in the capital markets area.

Dea is very business oriented and professionally committed. Her work is highly influenced by her problem solving and analytical mind-set, whilst maintaining a high standard and meeting agreed deadlines. She has both management and operational experience within accounting. Additionally, Dea has experience with implementation, such as Fund Accounting and SimCorp Dimension.

Dea has great attention to details, good communication- and leadership skills, combined with well documented skills within stakeholder management, leadership, process optimization and a proven capability to manage highly complex issues and drive changes.

Dea was born in 1975 and holds a MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law from Copenhagen Business School

Asbjørn Leeth, Manager

Asbjørn has extensive experience in the consultant role, and has since 2010 had his focus within the financial sector. Asbjørn has solid BI skills and a good business understanding, and has often found himself in the role as creator of a bridge between business and technology.

Asbjørn’s primary expertise lies in working with BI solutions in market risk and liquidity. Most recently, he has been working with a variety of implementation tasks, prototype development and greater solutions within the financial regulatory field.

Asbjørn was born in 1981, holds a MSc in Business Administration and Computer Science and is certified SCRUM Master.

Jan Mikkelsen, Manager

Jan Mikkelsen has since 2000 been working with development and implementation of wealth management software and translation of business challenges into digital solutions for financial institutions globally. Jan has comprehensive experience as a consultant, implementation of software, hereunder agile/SCRUM facilitation, as well as optimizing work processes for the financial businesses around the world. Recently, Jan has been working with and developed his competencies as Project Manager and technical advisor with a primary focus on counselling and implementation of projects in financial companies. Jan has a broad understanding of businesses and a system related understanding of Front, Middle and Back Office, with agile facilitation, and automation of processes, data, system selection and solutions as primary focus areas.

Jan is accustomed to working within different organisational levels and following different organisational guidelines.

Jan was born in 1970 and holds a MSc in Finance from University of Southern Denmark and certified SCRUM Master.

Kristian Vincentz Rygaard, Manager

Kristian Vincentz Rygaard has  been working in the financial sector since 2008, where he started his career as an analyst in Middle Office, but soon found an interest in the field of accounting, where he served as both Controller and Manager. Based on accounting, Kristian worked with management reporting, and system responsible for SimCorp Dimension in an accounting unit, where he participated in numerous implementation projects.

Kristian has a detailed business understanding of the internal processes and revenue in banking, and he has extensive experience with bridging Front, Middle, Back Office and Accounting. Kristian has detailed knowledge within management of financial products, with focus on the cross field between accounting requirements, market requirements and process optimization.

Kristian has solid experience with Investment Controlling and handling of life cycle events of Private Equity Funds.

Kristian was born in 1980, and holds a MSc in Economics from University of Copenhagen.

Martin Sellebjerg, Manager

Martin Sellebjerg has been working within the financial sector since 2009. His primary focus areas are risk management, regulation, system implementation and process analysis. Martin has comprehensive consultancy experience and has been Front Officer in Corporate Treasury. Martin’s primary focus areas are market risk, FRS and business analysis – including gap analysis and impact assessment. He has been working with both bank data centrals, asset managers, corporate treasury and regularly banks.

Martin has a broad business and system understanding within Front, Middle and Back Office, from which he has experience with implementation and valuation of financial instruments, system selection, implementation and testing as well as project management.

Martin was born in 1982, and holds a MSc in Business Administration and Finance from Aarhus Business School.

Fredrik Alsin, Senior Consultant

Fredrik has been working in the financial sector since 2013. Fredrik has most recently been working as Market Risk Manager in Middle Office at Nordea. He has experience with Middle Office functions including product approvals, risk analyses for senior management, developing reports for regulators and specification of infrastructure to be developed. Before Nordea he was working at Sparbanken Öresund with implementation of an internal ratings-based method for probability of default.

Fredrik was born in 1987 and holds an MSc in Physics and Engineering from Lund University, and is certified Professional Risk Manager, PRMIA.

Jonas Kjøller Jørgensen, Senior Consultant

Jonas Kjøller Jørgensen has been working in the financial sector since 2009, including Nykredit Markets. Jonas has been working with all the classic markets disciplines, and has lately been working with project based development and implementation of supportive business systems, new products and different solutions for regulatory and legislation reporting. Jonas’ primary focus is in bridging a solid understanding of businesses and processes with effective it-solutions. Jonas has an extensive knowledge of Middle Office functions and processes as well as specialist knowledge of business analysis and process optimization – including the regulatory field.

Jonas was born in 1980, and holds a MSc in Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Alexander Beck Papadoulis , Consultant

In the beginning of 2017 Alexander Beck Papadoulis completed his Master of Science in Economics with an excellent result from SDU.  Alexander holds a great interest in the areas of quantitative finance, portfolio modelling and risk management. In his Master’s thesis Alexander had focus on pricing of financial instruments using improved Monte Carlo algorithms.

Besides the excellent result of his Master to prove his flair and skills in economics, Alexander has already collected experience from the consultancy business, as he had an internship at Rambøll Management Consulting.

Alexander is part of CMP’s Investment Management team, where he solves assignments in cooperation with Senior Consultants and Managers.

Alexander was born in 1991, and holds an MSc in Economics.

Søren Braes, Senior Manager

Søren Braes started in SimCorp in 1990, when he and three other employees started SimCorp’s subsidiary in Germany. In the period 1990-1995 he advised German clients around financiel infrastructure and IT systems within portfolio management, pricing and risk management. He has since continued his carrier as an advisor to the financial sector having his own business. In the period 1995-2012 he led the company BASISPOINT, which in addition to advising clients also offered training in both risk management, accounting / position statement and pricing and reporting. In this position, he has advised both large and small banks in Germany, Denmark, Austria and the Czech Republic. Since 2012 he has focused on advisory in all aspects of the risk management process with special emphasis on the business conditions and optimization potentials involved. Soren has broad experience with how banks of all sizes operate and is specialized in risk management, securities trading, derivatives pricing, performance measurement, ALM and accounting. His strength lies in the ability to assess and coordinate complex issues and communicate / solve these in an easily accessible manner, and thus act as an effective link between the business and IT.

Soren was born in 1964 and holds a Cand. Polyt. from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and a Bachelor of Commerce fra Copenhagen Business School.

Soren is on the Strategic Advisory Board of the World Savings Banks Institute.

Kim Damgaard, Manager

Kim is an experienced, business-oriented IT developer. Kim is originally a mechanical engineer, and has virtually his entire career been engaged in technical analysis, design and programming, of which the last 10 years was in the financial sector.

Kim has extensive experience with different programmering languages and tools, ranging from the Oracle suite of tools to Visual Studio 2013 / C #, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to .Net.

Kim has several times played a key roll in the preparation of solutions that support the customer’s strategy, contributing to increased competitiveness for our customers. Kim will be selected for these strategic projects because he can combine the big picture, with a detail understanding of business issues. Kim is an excellent communicator and can therefore easily be incorporated in different environments. There always seem to be a good sentiment around and his drive to win is infectious .

Varan Pathmanathan, Sales Manager

Varan has extensive experience within the financial sector. Where he, among other things, has been involved in business development, IT and sales. As part of CMP’s sales team, Varan supports and improves strategies and services within the capital market.

Varan’s primary tasks are where business and IT meet. Here Varan ensures a close contact with current and potential customers, and secures CMP’s ability to stay focused on customer needs, and the resources requested in the market.

Through his capital market experience, Varan will establish FinTech as an integrated part of CMP’s services, as well as consulting on Capital Markets FinTech.

Varan was born in 1986 and holds a MSc in Informatics from the University of Aalborg.

Malene Hebjørn, Executive Assistant

Malene assists the partners in different administrative tasks and daily office management.

Part of Malene’s administrative tasks consist of on-boarding new employees, correspondence, updating the internal drive and assisting Managing Partner, Christian Thygesen. Besides the administrative part, Malene has overall responsibility of CMP’s office management, which includes several tasks to ensure and maintain the daily efficiency, reliability and productivity at the office.

Malene has previous experience in handling a wide range of tasks related to HR, budget-management, accounting, contracts, text production, project management and -planning. Malene has previously been self-employed in the United States, and therefore has excellent language skills in English, both written and spoken. Malene is behind proofreading and producing text for CMP’s customer related materials and website maintenance in English.

Malene was born in 1980 and trained as a graphic designer in Italy, and later got her realtor license in the United States.

Line Sofie Graversen, Marketing & Communication

Line is responsible for marketing and communication. Daily responsibilities include stakeholder communication, revising and maintaining of the website, blog and social media platforms, planning and implementation of campaign strategies, preparation of CMP’s customer-oriented materials, as well as general office management. Line has an undergraduate degree from Copenhagen Business School in Intercultural Market Communication and English, and is currently studying a MSc in Business Administration and Organisational Communication.

Through her studies, Line has been working with different approaches to marketing, branding and communication as well as professional text production. Line has spent a semester in London studying digital and direct marketing and enterprises’ strategic use of social media in relation to branding. This gives her a solid foundation for carrying out CMP’s branding and communications strategy.

Line was born in 1991 and is studying MSc in Business Administration and Organisational Communication at Copenhagen Business School

Sebastian Olguin Sørensen, Finance

Sebastian Olguin Sørensen is employed as student assistant in finance and accounting. He is responsible for budget, financial statuses, forecast, liquidity and other economic analysis. Furthermore, he is assisting our managers and senior consultants as well as being part of the general office management. Sebastian has an undergraduate degree from Copenhagen Business School in International Business and Politics, and is currently studying a postgraduate degree MSc IBP, at Copenhagen Business School.

Furthermore, Sebastian has spent a semester in England studying economics and financial markets with theoretical and practical experience. In connection to this, he has practical experience from student positions in the private and public sector, which has given him a solid foundation and valuable experience in working and further developing the economic aspects of CMP.

Sebastian was born in 1993 and is studying MSc in International Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School.