IT Cases

We are highly aware of the challenges of delivering capital markets applications and systems.

In that regard, we help IT to deliver value to the organisation by providing key technical expertise, and by ensuring that IT staff understand and can define actual business needs.

We have supported IT in a range of business processes and technical areas:

IT case #1

Transformation of reporting platform at large Danish pension fund

A large pension fund was in the process of replacing their Portfolio Management system.  Because of this process, new reporting had to be implemented.  CMP assisted with creating the foundation for the new reporting, as well as clarification and implementation of new processes. 

IT case #2

Implementation of new risk engine at bank data center

CMP has helped one of the Danish banking data centers with implementation of a new risk engine.  Covering ALMM and parts of credit-, liquidity and market risk.  The Risk engine is from IBM ALGO, and the output is going to be applied to the internal risk reporting, and reporting to authorities.

IT case #3

Implementation of new trading system

A commercial bank had become a member of a Danish banking Data Processing Center (DPC).  For a number of reasons, the bank did not want to use the DPC’s existing stock exchange trading solution in relation to domestic fixed income instruments and equities.  Instead, the customer preferred a foreign supplier offering a considerably more advanced trading system which was able to integrate with the Copenhagen Stock Exchange/Nasdaq/OMX (and, in addition, a large number of international stock exchanges).

IT Case #4

Amortization of loan fees

A Danish banking Data Processing Center (DPC) had entered a collaboration with a foreign supplier on development of Basel II functionality for the DPC’s banking customers.  Since the supplier had extensive experience with – and software for – management of a wide range of financial instruments, the company was also selected to develop a system for the amortization of major loan fees in accordance with IFRS/IAS specifications. 

IT Case #5

Analysis of implementation risks for banking operations service provider

The case of a banking operations service provider provides a complex, high risk example as it is effectively a single IT department, serving multiple member banks which each have unique requirements.

It had selected a new platform that could support trading, risk management and operations across multiple asset classes and would also meet the increased demands for derivatives trading from its member banks.