Our Consultants

Our consultants all share a deep insight to the business and working of financial services based on years of working within the industry.

We believe that business insight is a necessary prerequisite for a quality performance in project management and system development of infrastructure related to capital markets.

The business insight provides our consultants with the ability to bridge the gap between the specifications and the end result, be that in the role as project manager or developer.

Consultant Profiles

Our consultants mostly have an academic background and managerial experience from either IT, development, Front or Back office departments of either financial institutions or suppliers to these. Some come with a technical background, others from law or economics.

Some are experienced consultants, others new to the role, but all have at least 10 years of experience from the financial sector. Generally speaking, the consultant profiles can be divided into two main groups: Project managers/analysts or technicians/developers.

Specific profiles can be forwarded upon request.


Lars Christiansen, Managing Partner

lc@cmp.as | +45 2993 4678

Lars Christiansen has worked in the financial sector since 1987. He has worked professionally with program / project management within Investment Banking for over 27 years. The projects have been of all sizes, both in respect to managerial scope, timeframe, budgets, complexity and global range.

Lars has extensive project experience from Front Office, Back-Office, Risk Management within Investment Banks covering most asset classes. Much of his experience Lars has gained working with the global globale projects in Frankfurt, London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo.

Lars is known for an ability to ensure delivery even under difficult circumstances, and at the same time keep his sense of humor intact.

Lars was born in 1967 and holds a BSc in Business Administration.

Klaus Alsted, Partner / COO

ka@cmp.as | +45 5352 7707

Klaus Alsted has +20 years of experience from the financial sector. In his career, Klaus has worked in the field of capital markets, asset management and banking. After a short number of years as a business analyst, Klaus worked as a project and program manager on a number of business-critical projects. Throughout his career, Klaus has built up a broad business and organizational insight.

Klaus approaches projects and programs with his persistent and structured style guiding teams and stakeholders towards the common goal. After leading the Calypso team at a central bank, Klaus switched to SimCorp, where he advances over a 5-year period from Nordic responsible to lead the EMEA consulting organization with more than 200 consultants in 20 countries.

Klaus ’hallmark is his 100% dedication to solving management or project challenges within the contractual framework (cost, quality and time) preferably in an international context.

Klaus was born in 1972, and has an MSc in Mathematics and Economics.

Kenneth Brandborg, Partner / CPO

kb@cmp.as | +45 6142 4945

Coming soon.

Christian Thygesen, Partner

ct@cmp.as | +45 2222 7616

Christian Thygesen has been employed in the financial sector since joining the Danish Central Bank in 1992. From 1998 to 2002 he worked for the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, dealing first with financial infrastructure monitoring and then monetary policy in the office of capital markets and financial infrastructure. From 2002 to 2007 he was Head of Projects & Analysis at Roskilde Bank. Since then he has worked as a consultant in the capital markets area.

Christian has extensive experience with how banks work and interact through exchanges, trading platforms, clearing houses, central securities depositories and central banks.

As a consultant, his focus has been on efficient implementation of regulation and system selection in its many guises.

Christian was born in 1967, and holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and an MBA from the International University of Japan.

Peter Jørn Jensen, Senior Manager

Peter Jørn Jensen has been in the financial sector for 30 years. He started his career in Andelsbanken in 1985 and has since 1988 worked in the capital markets area. Peter spent over 20 years in management positions at nearly all levels. Peter has primarily dealt with the Operations area in securities, foreign exchange, derivatives and custody where process optimization and efficiency has always been a focus area.

From 1990 to 2005, he worked in Unibank / Nordea, where he was Head of Operations for futures and options, Head of Operations in Unibank Luxembourg ending with the position of Nordic Head of Securities Processes in Nordea. Then Peter was 2 years on BEC in Roskilde, where he served as a link between sales and development within the Trade and Asset Management. Most recently, Peter ended a 7 years term as the Chief Operating Officer of Nykredit Portfolio Administration, which is Denmark’s largest investment management company in the management of mutual funds and alternative investment funds.

Peter can succeed at all organizational levels – he can engage the business from the operational detail to the strategic executive level.

Peter was born in 1964.

Søren Rask Nymark, Senior Manager

Søren Rask Nymark has more than 15 years of experience from the financial sector. Where he has primarily focused on strategy, business development, M&A/integration, transformation and governance projects and assignments.

As Head of Corporate Strategy & Business Development at VP SECURITIES (financial infrastructure, post trade services) Søren led the corporate strategy process through various business development assessments with the leading Nordic banking groups and global custodians and M&A processes leading to the sale of VP to Euronext Group. Previously Søren was, among other positions, Head of Strategy at Danske Bank C&I and Head of Business Development at Danske Bank Transaction Banking. In addition, he has management consulting experience from KPMG and PwC.

Søren has often been engaged in complex and/or political challenging tasks and projects. His aim is achievement of objectives, sustainable solutions, simplicity of implementation, and stakeholder satisfaction. His focus is structured, analytical, and persistent.

Søren was born in 1971 and holds an MSc (Econ) in Strategy & Management and a PhD in Business Studies.

Jens Udsen, Senior Manager / Head of Software Development

Jens Udsen has +15 years of experience with software development and IT management within commodity trading, as well as the productivity and collaboration area both from the energy trading, transportation, and the logistics sector. He draws from his hands-on experience running several large-scale trading platform implementations, digitalization and robotics projects and setting up and managing agile software development with distributed teams in Denmark, Poland, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

In his previous roles Jens has worked both as project manager and leading multiple IT development and operation teams in Europe, South Africa, and Southeast Asia, and has been a technical management consultant at Deloitte Consulting.

At CMP, Jens is primarily responsible for the software development of the RegTech DataHub, our regulatory data service platform, to our existing and new customers.

Jens was born in 1976, holds a BSc in Computer Science and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Finance) from Copenhagen Business School and is TOGAF certified.

Jakob Werner Carlsen, Manager

Jakob Carlsen has since 2002 gained experience in delivering complex core business systems within the financial sector. Jakob has primarily worked with product pricing, portfolio modeling, flow handling and with creating report platforms. Besides financial skills, Jakob has a strong technical background that makes him capable of finding and implementing solutions to complex problems in IT systems. As a project manager, Jakob is known for his ability to combine technical and business related competencies, and to bridge business and IT. The combination of technical and business skills is reflected in his approach on issues handling and problem solving.

Jakob was born in 1980, and holds a BSc in Business and Maths from Copenhagen Business School.

Michael Gaihede, Manager

Michael has more than 25 years of experience as a business and IT consultant, with primary focus on financial institutions.

From an early start, Michael has been involved in IT development and gradually moved into more technical IT implementation. He has extensive experience with IT, and has worked with a number of different platforms and database systems.

Michael is part of CMP’s team of strong technical IT consultants who provide our customers with key technical expertise across a wide range of technical challenges.

Michael holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Henning Skov Jensen, Manager

Henning Skov Jensen has since 1985 gained extensive experience from the financial sector. With his primary focus on Investment Management including Front Office, Portfolio Management and Asset Management.

With comprehensive experience, and great know-how within business challenges, Henning has contributed to business development, and system support for pension funds, life insurance companies, investment funds, banks, FinTech, finance- and shareholder associations as well as financial media groups.

Henning has a profound professional insight and consistent focus on creating solutions that deliver value to the business competitiveness and profitability. Henning has management experience and has previously held positions as Head of Asset Management, Head of Research, Portfolio Manager, Management Partner and Executive Advisor.

Furthermore, Henning has been supervisor and examiner on master theses within Financial Markets, Investment Management, External Accounting and Financial Strategy Management for more than 25 years.

Henning was born in 1961 and holds an MSc in Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School.

Peter Jensen, Manager

Peter has worked in the financial sector since 1986, where he started in the Danish banking industry. Peter has a broad experience from many projects and various areas of responsibility within system implementation and finance, but his primary focus is within markets and asset management. Peter often works as a bridge builder between IT, business and finance within banking and pension – where he has extensive experience from Denmark and Luxembourg.

Peter has covered a large number of tasks as Senior Business Controller, where he has worked with system implementation, tests, process improvements and the establishment of a danish branch of a foreign bank.

On the technical side, Peter has worked with SimCorp Dimension for more than 15 years. Development and implementation of customer profitability system at asset manager, design and development of Danmarks Nationalbank’s currency reporting system and reporting to Danmarks Nationalbank within banking (MFI3) and investment associations (STINA).

Since 2017, Peter has worked as a consultant in the capital market area. The biggest tasks have been the migration of two large Danish pension funds into SimCorp Dimension and the migration of Alternative Investments with a foreign customer.

Peter was born in 1966 and has a banking degree supplemented with a graduate diploma in Business Administration, Informatics and Financial Management.

Jan Mikkelsen, Manager

Jan Mikkelsen has since 2000 been working with development and implementation of wealth management software and translation of business challenges into digital solutions for financial institutions globally. Jan has comprehensive experience as a consultant, agile coach, facilitator and trainer, as well as optimizing work processes for the financial businesses for teams and organizations around the world. Recently, Jan has been helping a Danish bank starting a bank in Italy creating and implementing a go-live incident management process across organizations in Denmark, Italy and India. Jan has a broad understanding of businesses and systems related to Front, Middle and Back Office, with automation of processes, data, system selection and solutions as primary focus areas.

Jan is accustomed to working within all organisational levels.

Jan was born in 1970 and holds a MSc in Finance from University of Southern Denmark and is certified Professional Agile Coach (PAC).

Søren Rahbek, Manager

Søren Rahbek has 35 years of experience from a wide range of financial sector activities. In the last decade, he has built and developed risk management and compliance organizations, including creating the relevant governance structures, in both large and smaller organizations. Søren has worked with management at all levels, both as a trusted advisor and in his own management roles – including in international, multi-site organizations.

Søren is known for his ability to master complex regulation and issues, and converting the rules into actions with a strong business focus. Søren currently focuses on the developing field of ESG regulation.

Søren was born in 1961 and holds a MSc in Economics and an MBA.

Søren Braes, Senior Manager

Søren Braes started in SimCorp in 1990, when he and three other employees started SimCorp’s subsidiary in Germany. In the period 1990-1995 he advised German clients around financiel infrastructure and IT systems within portfolio management, pricing and risk management. He has since continued his carrier as an advisor to the financial sector having his own business. In the period 1995-2012 he led the company BASISPOINT, which in addition to advising clients also offered training in both risk management, accounting / position statement and pricing and reporting. In this position, he has advised both large and small banks in Germany, Denmark, Austria and the Czech Republic. Since 2012 he has focused on advisory in all aspects of the risk management process with special emphasis on the business conditions and optimization potentials involved. Soren has broad experience with how banks of all sizes operate and is specialized in risk management, securities trading, derivatives pricing, performance measurement, ALM and accounting. His strength lies in the ability to assess and coordinate complex issues and communicate / solve these in an easily accessible manner, and thus act as an effective link between the business and IT.

Soren was born in 1964 and holds a Cand. Polyt. from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and a Bachelor of Commerce fra Copenhagen Business School.

Soren is on the Strategic Advisory Board of the World Savings Banks Institute.

Bjørn Kroghsbo, Manager

Bjørn Kroghsbo has been in the financial sector since 1978. His primary focus over the years has been asset management and Portfolio Management.

In addition, Bjørn has had operational product responsibility for Unit Link and has also established and continuously expanded an ESG policy.

Bjørn also has many years of board experience in the pension sector and in mutual funds. Besides the financial sector, Bjørn has also held board positions in both listed and unlisted companies within software and e-commerce.

As a result of Bjørn’s many years of operational work as well as the overall more than 20 years of board work, Bjørn has built up great competencies with negotiations and reporting at all organisational levels.

Bjørn was born in 1958, has an education from Handelsbanken and continuously supplemented this with a large number of courses, most recently CBS Executive Board Leadership Masterclass and KPMG Board Certification. 

Sarah Rafique, Associate

Sarah Rafique is responsible for CMP’s finances, and also assists CMP’s consultants on client tasks in the capital market area. Sarah’s professional competencies and areas of interest are within financing and accounting in the financial sector, as well as the consulting profession.

Sarah is studying for a master’s degree in Accounting, Strategy & Control at CBS, and has completed her BSc in Economics and Business Administration in 2020. In CMP, Sarah wants to gain experience and knowledge in finance and economics and use the knowledge she has acquired from her study in practice.

Sarah has strong competencies in teamwork after several years of professional experience from the service industry and from her time as a dancer at a high level, in addition, a good focus on individual performance.

Sarah was born in 1996.

Charlotte Røsvik, Associate

Charlotte Røsvik assists CMP’s consultants with conducting research and analyses of various actors and topics within the capital markets. Charlotte has worked extensively with accounting reform and has an interest in the financial sector along with the consulting profession.

Through previous experience, Charlotte has gained a good understanding of accounting and competencies within customer management. She has completed a BSc in Economics and Business Administration at CBS, and currently has a year between her bachelor and masters, to gain practical experience. Charlotte will begin her masters at CBS next year, with a strategic financial focus area.

Charlotte is born in 1998 and from Oslo, Norway.

Marc Vinkler, Associate

Marc Vinkler assists CMP’s consultants with conducting research and analyses of various actors and topics within the capital markets. Marc is experienced in facilitating relationships with clients and other partners through data management, strong communication and coordination skills.

Marc has experience within financial reporting and performance management. In addition, he has worked with Human Resource Management in London, and has therefore also gained an international perspective.

Marc is born in 1994.

Lotte Piil Bangsgaard, Developer

Lotte Piil Bangsgaard has worked with software development since 2003. She has extensive experience with both solution design and implementation. Lotte has a good business understanding and can design solutions that solve the client’s needs through dialogue and agile development. Lotte has primarily worked as a full-stack developer on web projects and thus has experience with both css, javascript, c# and sql. Lotte can both find quick solutions, when required, and implement larger complex solutions.

In CMP, Lotte works primarily on our RegTech DataHub, where in addition to importing data, we have a restapi and a website that can be used for data export.

Lotte was born in 1980 and holds an MSc in Business Administration and Management Science from Copenhagen Business School.

Malene Hebjørn, Executive Assistant

Malene Hebjørn assists the partners in different administrative tasks and daily office management.

Part of Malene’s administrative tasks consist of on-boarding new employees, correspondence, updating the internal drive and assisting Managing Partner, Lars Christiansen. Besides the administrative part, Malene has overall responsibility of CMP’s office management, which includes several tasks to ensure and maintain the daily efficiency, reliability and productivity at the office.

Malene has previous experience in handling a wide range of tasks related to HR, budget-management, accounting, contracts, text production, project management and -planning. Malene has previously been self-employed in the United States, and therefore has excellent language skills in English, both written and spoken.

Malene was born in 1980 and trained as a graphic designer in Italy, and later got her realtor license in the United States.

Sarah Hentley, Communication & Marketing

Sarah Hentley is responsible for marketing, branding and communication at CMP. Sarah has experience with PR and communication on Social Media. Her area of expertise is external and strategic communication – including working with target groups, content marketing and visual communication. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Performance Design, and has just started her Masters in Strategic Communications and Digital Media at Roskilde University.

At CMP, Sarah will primarily work with external communication, marketing and content on digital media. Sarah contributes with her creative insight and enthusiasm to the communication strategy at CMP.

Sarah was born in 1997.