Our capabilities are the result of a clear focus on the capital markets area. What we deliver is a combination of technical and business know-how alongside extensive relevant implementation experience in IT projects:

  • Based on our personal experiences, from our involvement in projects and technical support to IT, we can reduce the risks and thereby help business to advance their objectives as well as meet their compliance needs.
  • We maintain and extend our business skills by carrying out our different roles of providing strategic advice, and helping IT and project teams to deliver.
  • We help capital market organisations as advisors by validating project scope, plan and solution.

Strategic advice, IT implantation,

and project management in capital market organisations

Here you can read selected cases about how we have helped capital market organisations to success within the areas of business, IT, and project management.

Our understanding of business needs and the different functional roles is a crucial factor in reaching the intended objectives.

This means that we understand implications and the value of existing business processes, the objectives business has set itself, and the external challenges it faces.

Our insights give us the opportunity to generate efficient conceptual solutions and business requirements, and effectively validate these with stakeholders across the organisations.

We help capital markets organisations succeed in a broad range of business objectives:


    CMP helped AP Pension improving processes and usage of IT systems.  The overall goal was to reduce time and resources spent on creating the current accounts. Read more..


    Many banks join together as users/owners of shared banking operations service providers in order to to get economies of scale and scope. Read more..


    CMP helped a banking platform provider, owned by 15 Danish banks, to on-board a new large bank owner/participant. Read more..

We are highly aware of the challenges of delivering capital markets applications and systems.

In that regard, we help IT to deliver value to the organisation by providing key technical expertise, and by ensuring that IT staff understand and can define actual business needs.

Not only do we boost IT development and productivity, but also make sure that is IT proactive in delivering what users need, and reduce implementation risks.

We have supported IT in a range of business processes and technical areas:

  • IT CASE #1

    A large pension fund was in the process of replacing their Portfolio Management system. Because of this process, new reporting had to be implemented. Read more..

  • IT CASE #2

    CMP has helped one of the Danish banking data centers with implementation of a new risk engine. Read more..

  • IT CASE #3

    A commercial bank had become a member of a Danish banking Data Processing Center (DPC).  For a number of reasons, the bank did not want to use the DPC’s existing stock exchange trading solution. Read more..

We are the partner who helps capital market organisations succeed in their business objectives and help projects to deliver.  CMP contributes extensive implementation experience to capital markets projects.

Our experience covers a wide spectrum of project sizes, business and technical challenges. This way, we can lead projects from start to finish, or act as trouble-shooters when ongoing projects get into difficulties, helping them back on track, mobilizing the right business, process and technical know-how.

We help projects as advisors by validating project scopes, plans, and solutions to help projects deliver.

CMP’s core, capital markets expertise, has been applied in a broad range of project roles and contexts:


    In the case of a CRM system that CMP has built for a bank’s capital markets business activities, the CMP project manager kept the scope lean and focused. Read more..


    A project to configure a new consolidated platform at a banking operations service provider is a good example of how CMP helped stabilize a complex, high risk problem. Read more..


    CMP is also well equipped to plug specialist resource gaps. A project to implement risk management requirements from the EMIR and Basel III regulatory changes, is a good example. Read more..

Capital market expertise

As a niche consultancy, we have a clear focus on the capital markets area.  It is our consultants’ specialist knowledge and practical experience from IT implementation and project management, that enable us to provide the best support to our business partners.

We provide support for our partners within Investment Management, Financial Risk & Compliance, and Operations & Accounting.