Project Cases

CMP has the right people to help projects succeed in their objectives.

CMP provides project managers to lead projects.  Our combination of capital markets business skills with technical ability and experience means that we can ensure that the right scope will be delivered, and that risks impacting the cost and schedule will be avoided and mitigated.

CMP’s core, capital markets expertise,  has been applied in a broad range of project roles and contexts:

Project case #1

CRM system for capital markets activities

CMP takes responsibility for building and transferring solutions.  In the case of a CRM system that CMP has built for a bank’s capital markets business activities, the CMP project manager kept the scope lean and focused, in order to maximize the value and cost effectiveness of the project.

Project case #2

Consolidated platform at a banking operations service provider

Mobilizing business expertise to help capital markets project scope definition and requirements prioritization is a core strength at CMP.  A project to configure a new consolidated platform at a banking operations service provider is a good example of how CMP helped stabilize a complex, high risk problem.

The objective of the project was to deploy a platform to support trading, risk management and operations across multiple asset classes and meet the increased demands for derivatives trading.

Project case #3

Risk management requirements in relation to EMIR and Basel III

CMP is also well equipped to plug specialist resource gaps. A project to implement risk management requirements from the EMIR and Basel III regulatory changes, is a good example.  CMP provided the project with the specialist expertise to define and prioritize the project scope, ensuring that the project can deliver the systems and functional capability business requires.