Helping the Project

CMP contributes extensive implementation experience to capital markets projects.  Our relevance results from our focus on our core domain where we have led projects and mobilised the right business, process and technical know-how at the different stages of a project’s life-cycle.

Our experience covers a wide spectrum of project sizes, business and technical challenges and meets the demands of leading and implementing projects within both domestic and multinational capital markets participants.

We are equipped to help capital market organisations succeed in their business objectives and help projects to deliver.  We help projects as advisors by validating project scopes, plans and solutions.


We lead projects from start to finish and are also available as trouble-shooters when ongoing projects get into difficulties, helping them back on track. And we provide projects with qualified and focused expertise to solve business and technical challenges and deliver organisational changes.

CMP’s core capital markets expertise has been applied in a broad range of project roles and contexts for example:

  • Business Expertise

    Mobilising business expertise to define the project scope, functional scope and  delivery roadmap of a project to configure a new consolidated platform at a banking operations service provider.

  • Specialist Knowledge

    Providing specialist knowledge to define and prioritise risk management requirements  for a project implementing EMIR and Basel III regulatory changes.

  • Technical Expertise

    Solving the technical challenges of projects introducing CCP clearing of OTC derivatives trades, trade compression and improved risk management.

CMP’s capability remains focussed on trading and financial services projects- this is our core specialist area, where we have acquired our knowledge and experience.  We maintain and extend our implementation skills through our different roles of delivering strategic advice, and helping IT and Business stakeholders. This allows CMP to help projects across a range of processes and technical topics.