NYSE to consider 24/7 stock trading

Af Søren Rask Nymark I June 6th 2024

It was recently reported in Financial Times that New York Stock Exchange is considering 24/7 stock trading pushing trading into normal off-hours, night and weekend trading.

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Challenges in the Post-Trade Area

By Peter Jørn Jensen, Diretor I March 15, 2024

The post-trade area of the capital markets industry faces numerous challenges in today’s dynamic financial landscape. From clearing and settlement to risk management and regulatory compliance, ensuring smooth and efficient post-trade processes is crucial for maintaining market integrity and investor confidence. Below are some of the key challenges confronting this vital aspect of the capital markets, including the transition to a T+1 settlement cycle:

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Will ESRS Data End the Need for ESG Ratings?

By Søren Rahbek, Diretor I February 5th, 2023 Summary The ongoing implementation of EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) with its supporting reporting standards (ESRS) will significantly increase the availability of the data investors need to make informed decisions about sustainable investments. This will most likely reduce the demand for ‘ESG Ratings’, where the methodology […]

Are You Ready for PSD3?

By Henrik Bilgrav | January 11th 2024

What Does the PSD3 Directive Mean for Financial Institutions and Consumers?

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Be Careful – Disclosure Regulation May Not Disclose Very Much…

By Søren Rahbek, Diretor I August 18, 2023

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires Financial Market participants and Financial Advisors to report on the consolidated impact on 14+2+2 mandatory (+2 voluntary) Principal Adverse Impact indicators (PAIs). The first report had to be made by June 30th, 2023, covering 2022.

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Developments in transaction reporting infrastructure – observations from a practitioner

By Christian Thygesen, Partner I May 26, 2023

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Important Agenda with uncertain and incomplete data

By Søren Rahbek, Diretor I March 14, 2023

The reporting season has started, and it is now possible to take an early measure of the status of ESG reporting.

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CO2 Data – Now the Fun Begins

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Time To Hold On

Written by Søren Rahbek, Director | The 20th of September 2022

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Could Distributed Ledger Technology be the ”Silver Bullet” for Facilitating Cross-border Investments?

The benefits from having access to truly international capital markets are huge for both institutional and private investors. The ability to invest in just the right security brings benefits such as diversification and ability to follow an agenda-driven investment strategy.

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