Strategic Advice

Our core domain, capital markets, and more specifically CMP’s offer of a combination of business and technical know-how with implementation experience, allows us to help inform strategic decision making at different levels of complexity, for example:

  • A banking platform and service provider needing to serve a new set of bank customers
  • Bank level strategic IT platform choices
  • A Market infrastructure wanting a competitive market analysis of issuance services
  • The choice of product management processes for capital markets products


Strategic decision making in a complex business context

The assignment CMP completed for a banking platform provider is a good example of strategic decision-taking in a complex business context. The company is owned by 15 Danish banks to which it provides banking platforms and services.  When looking to on-board a new large bank owner/participant, the banking platform provider needed to take strategic decisions on how it should provide which systems and services, in order to optimally serve its new combination of participants.

CMP did the fact-finding at the level of the participants, matching up their underlying products and services and capturing their data uses, volumes and operational peaks.  CMP then compared each set of business requirements and business cases at the product/service level, producing a gap analysis and a list of impediments to IT co-operation that it validated with all the 15 Participant/user banks.  CMP advised the company on the optimal extent each user bank should be running their business processes on the company’s banking platform, given the constraints of how the company could provide these services within the time available, remain cost-effective for the user banks and crucially, still retain overall support and consensus for its service offering.

CMP also helps decision making in relation to regulatory changes at different levels.

Strategic advice in IT

In another example, CMP helped a Nordic bank with strategic considerations regarding the Capital Market platform. The bank faced the decision of either develop their current platform, or to buy a new system capable of supporting future demands. CMP helped conducting the pre-analysis, and was later on involved in the selection process of a new system.

A small Danish bank provides a less complex example, where CMP helped the bank with its strategic IT prioritisation. This bank was facing the choice of whether to develop its existing platform further, or to adopt a modular approach bringing in new external components to meet foreseeable business needs.

Advice on business and technical topics

Alongside this strategic advisory work, CMP provides more detailed advisory work on business and technical topics, covering a wide range of capital markets activities. CMP has advised:

  • Market infrastructure providers
  • Banks
  • Asset management firms

This capability to provide strategic and detailed advice reflects CMP personnel’s deep knowledge and long experience of capital markets, which it maintains by helping businessIT and project teams. This allows CMP allows to them provide expert advice across a range of business and technical topics.