Capital Market Partners Moves Closer to their Jutland-Based Clients – Opens New Office in Aarhus

From the 1stof October 2018, Capital Market Partners opens a new office in Aarhus. Having the opportunity to work closely with their clients, is part of the consultancy’s DNA and a high priority. Therefore, CMP has established an additional base, centrally located in Aarhus.

The 12thof October, 2018

Since the company’s beginning, CMP has had activities in Jutland, and now they are opening a new office in Aarhus. As the clients’ trust in the consultancy company’s services has reached a level, where it is only natural to be locally represented.

The business reach has expanded, and to live up to a principle of being near and having close relations, it is time to also have an office in Jutland.

“We have all along had a lot of activities in Jutland. Our Jutland-based clients has shown us great confidence, by using our services from the Copenhagen-based office. But, with a physical presence, we are much better suited to maintain and strengthen new as well as existing partnerships – and we care a lot about being present and close to our clients,” says Thomas Skou, managing partner at CMP and adds:

“Among other things, it means that we will be available to our clients, if they need a second opinion on a project or subject, big and small. This way, we are closer, and able to drop by, even just for a brief discussion of a specific subject, solve minor issues, or give a presentation, when needed.”

The new office is centrally located at the Aarhus harbor, in a newer building, where office spaces and meeting facilities are top of the class. Thereby, covering the needs to establish a base in Aarhus.

Take a look at the new office space here: