Helping IT

At CMP we are acutely aware of the challenges of delivering capital markets applications and systems, and we help to drastically reduce the risk of business dissatisfaction and the loss of scarce IT capacity to performing remedial work.

We help IT deliver value by providing key technical expertise, and by making sure that IT staff can understand and define business needs.  By bringing the right expertise and experience we help boost IT development productivity, help IT be more proactive in delivering business users what they need, and reduce implementation risks .

  • A banking platform and service provider needing to serve a new set of bank customers
  • Bank level strategic IT platform choices
  • A Market infrastructure wanting a competitive market analysis of issuance services
  • The choice of product management processes for capital markets products


We make a difference as our core expertise is in capital markets, and we can deliver a combination of technical and business know-how alongside extensive relevant implementation experience.  CMP has mobilised its expertise to help IT deliver value in the face of a wide range of challenges and complexity, for example:

  • Commodity trading

    A commodity trading entity needing to reverse-engineer an unsupported and undocumented front office application.

  • Banking

    A banking platform and service provider introducing a single consolidated platform to support trading, risk management and operations across multiple asset classes, and meet increased demands for derivatives trading from diverse bank customers.

  • Pension fund

    In the process of changing Portfolio Management systems, a large pensionfund had to create new processes and database structure for reporting. CMP delivered the know how necessary for migration of data, and helped build the foundation for future reporting.

  • Banking

    A banking platform and service provider needed help to link data from subsystems to the BI reporting system. CMP helped mapping data, setting up flows and general implementation of the solution.

Knowledge combined with experience in IT implementation projects

This capability to help IT with technical challenges and to reduce implementation risks is built on the deep knowledge and long experience of capital markets possessed by CMP personnel.

CMP maintains this capacity by focusing on its core domain of capital markets, helping business and project teams at the implementation level, and offering strategic advice. This allows CMP to offer help to IT across a range of processes and technical topics.