High Demands and More Clients Call for Increased Communications Efforts

Over the last couple of years, CMP has experienced large growth. More clients and a growing number of assignments with existing clients, means that more skills and competencies have entered the company. Along with growth and new skills, new ideas and further experiences develop. To exploit these skills and experiences and for them to become really valuable across the organization, they need to be communicated to both colleagues and clients. Therefore, CMP is proud to welcome their first full-time communications employee, Line Sofie Graversen.


The 21stof August 2018


In June, Line finished her master’s degree with top marks, in Organizational Communication (cand.merc.kom) from Copenhagen Business School, where she has specialized in PR and marketing.


“Even though we are very determined to maintain our start-up DNA in CMP, we must acknowledge that our success has new demands to how we communicate with the outside world”, says Lars Christiansen, Partner in CMP.


CMP is not entirely new to Line, as she is already involved in making sure CMP’s communication is of the same quality as their consultancy services. For the past two years, Line has had the primary responsibility for CMP’s internal and external communication, as well as developing content for website, social media and customer related materials.


“Line has raised the bar and quality of our communications efforts, and she has put the subject on the agenda of every employee. With Line, we have a colleague, that can strengthen the CMP brand with new methods like employer branding and employee advocacy and can be part of further strengthening the quality of our presence on various media and formats, such as blogs and videos. We are proud that Line has chosen to start her career with us in CMP”, says Lars.


“There is no doubt that I have learned a lot in the past two years working at CMP. I look forward to increase the brand awareness of CMP and our consultants’ competencies within the field of capital markets IT, as well as taking our communication to the next level”, says Line Sofie Graversen.


“Fortunately, I already know my colleagues very well, and in the future, the way we communicate will be more focused on the people behind CMP and the many competencies we have gathered in the company. I am really looking forward to be working on this with my colleagues.”




As a niche consultancy company, our focus is the capital markets area.

Our core competence is that we know capital market companies and the various products, processes, functional areas, and we understand the different roles and responsibilities involved.

Therefore, we recognize the market opportunities as basis for decision making and product roadmaps within strategic IT development and regulatory changes, to identify the capital market impact, as well as the direct impact on the organization.


For further information, please contact:

Malene Hebjørn,

Executive Assistant, CMP


Tel: +45 2070 2528