#Fintechgration – We believe in partnerships between financial institutions and FinTech startups

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The capital market is under development. A development driven by innovative technologies and developed by an increasing number of FinTech startups. The spreading of these startups also means that the established financial institutions can look forward to a market, that increasingly will be about partnerships – however, the integration is bringing on new challenges on both sides.

At Capital Market Partners (CMP) these challenges form the foundation of their new initiative – FinTechgration. A bridge between established financial institutions and FinTech startups must be built so that both parties can develop their business based on each other’s competencies.

The technological development has made it so the conditions for the financial sector have changed drastically – and will change even further in the coming years. If you as a financial institution wish to keep up with this development and still gain more clients while maintaining the current ones, it is crucial to decide how you want to welcome this new technological landscape.


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On the other side are the many new FinTech startups, who are filled with new and innovative ideas on, what this technological landscape should look like in the future. And these startups are eager to set foot inside the capital market, which today is largely dominated by the major established financial institutions.

But despite a common starting point in the financial sector, there are clear challenges in getting the two parties to work together.

The established institutions have no experience in integrating startups as part of their business and FinTech startups have no or very little experience/knowledge of the market and the domains on which the capital market is built and usually also comes from a completely different culture with a different mindset than the traditional players in the field. Integration is therefore difficult. It is a new area for both parties. But it is the integration that is crucial for both parties to benefit from each other’s knowledge in the respective areas.

Fintechgration Definition – Source: CMP

Therefore, CMP, as one of the first in the Nordic market, launches the initiative – #Fintechgration – which will build a bridge between the established financial institutions and FinTech startups. The goal of #Fintechgration is to ensure this integration and to ensure a match where both parties can benefit from each other’s competencies – with a particular focus on the new technologies developed for the capital market area.


“The influence we can have on this process, is to create the best foundation in the tension field between the established financial institutions on the market and new FinTech startups – we have the experience needed to ensure, that collaborations are carried over the finish line. This means that both parties achieve crucial benefits that will secure their position in the market – but it requires experience and knowledge of both sides of the two worlds – and we have this at CMP,” says Varan Pathmanathan, Sales Manager at CMP.

#Fintechgration launches this afternoon at the 12×7 Pitch Event

The initiative launches this afternoon, when Capital Market Partners hosts a 12×7 Pitch Event with over 150 signed-up FinTech enthusiasts. The event offers three hours of selected startups and established players giving their 7-minute pitches on the trends in capital markets FinTech.

This event marks CMP’s first step towards new and exciting business opportunities among startups and established actors, who can benefit from each other’s knowledge, innovative thinking and expertise in the capital market.

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About CMP

CMP is a niche consultancy company. We combine our business know-how with technical knowledge and practical experience within the capital markets area, to bridge business and technology. What we offer is experience and specialism to support evidence based decision making, and to act as an effective catalyst within implementation teams. We help encapsulate business objectives, set requirements, design and implement effective processes and technology and finish by ensuring a successful handover to our clients.


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