On Thursday the 21st of June, Capital Market Partners launched the initiative #Fintechgration – The first step towards new and exciting business opportunities within the Capital Markets area when bridging established financial institutions and FinTech startups.

28th of June 2018

The goal of #Fintechgration is to ensure integration, and a match where both parties can benefit from each other’s competencies – with a particular focus on the new technologies developed for the Capital Markets area.

12 selected Fintech startups and established actors within the field of Capital Markets, had 7 minutes each, to pitch their innovative ideas and insights on how FinTech is part of the Capital Markets today and will be in the future.

Thank you to all the FinTech enthusiasts who participated, and for the positive response to the event.

A special thanks to all the pitchers for your great presentations. We look forward to following your journey.

2021.AI  – ARYZE – #Algostrata – Danske Bank – #Fundmarket – Grandhood – Innolab Capital – iaib – Metoa – Penstable – Skandia – Saxo Bank

Photo: Claus Sall


CMP is a niche consultancy company. We combine our business know-how with technical knowledge and practical experience within the capital markets area, to bridge business and technology. What we offer is experience and specialism to support evidence based decision making, and to act as an effective catalyst within implementation teams. We help encapsulate business objectives, set requirements, design and implement effective processes and technology and finish by ensuring a successful handover to our clients.