CMP welcomes new junior consultant

Capital Market Partners A/S would like to welcome junior consultant Sarah Rafique. Sarah started in CMP in February 2021.

March 2nd, 2021

Sarah Rafique will be responsible for CMP’s finances, and also assist CMP’s consultants on client assignments in the capital market area.

Sarah has experience and knowledge in finance and economics, and is studying a master’s degree in Accounting, Strategy & Control at CBS. She completed her BSc in Economics and Business Administration in 2020 and has through the bachelor found a special interest in the financial world.

Sarah has acquired competencies within teamwork, after several years of professional experience from the service industry, and from her time as a dancer at a high level. The latter has also given her a good focus on individual performance.

Sarah’s ambitious approach and attention to detail fits well with her position as a junior consultant, and with a focus on the company’s internal finances.


A big welcome to Sarah.



Our name, Capital Market Partners, reflects what we define as our core service: Business understanding based on extensive experience in applying technology in the capital market area.

As a business partner, we offer consulting services based on our combination of business understanding and IT know-how. Our work with analyzes, implementation of IT systems and other projects supports strategic decisions at different levels in complex business contexts.


For further information, please contact:

Sarah Hentley

Marketing & communication, CMP

+452291 5625