Business case #2

Amortization of loan fees

Business Case #2

A Danish banking Data Processing Center (DPC) had entered into a collaboration with a foreign supplier on development of Basel II functionality for the DPC’s banking customers. Since the supplier had extensive experience with – and software for – management of a wide range of financial instruments, the company was also selected to develop a system for the amortization of major loan fees in accordance with IFRS/IAS specifications.

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Business case #1

Implementation of new trading system

Business Case #1

A commercial bank had become a member of a Danish banking Data Processing Center (DPC). For different reasons, the bank did not want to use the DPC’s existing stock exchange trading solution in relation to domestic fixed income instruments and equities. Instead, the customer preferred a foreign supplier offering a considerably more advanced trading system which had the ability to integrate with the Copenhagen Stock Exchange/Nasdaq/OMX (and, in addition, a large number of international stock exchanges). Læs mere

Robotics software

Robotics Software

In recent years, there has been a lot of focus on, and writing about, “robotics software”. In this context, we mean software able to perform IT related tasks normally done by humans, and not software controlling industrial robots used when e.g. painting a car.

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Business critical issue

When simple data collection develops into a business-critical issue

It is not unusual to experience, that what seems like a simple solution in data collection, over time become so complex that it might turn into a critical issue for the organisation. But is it possible to handle the situation, where things like small spreadsheet solutions slowly develop into systems, and over time become business-critical and get character of daily IT production? It is, but you need to consider recognition, security and agreement on IT policies to make it turn into an advantage for the organisation. 

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Agile management

Being agile? Really?

Scrum has been around for 21 years, and has probably for the past decade been THE most popular software development framework enabling companies and organizations in the software industry to behave agile.

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Reconciled data

Do you understand the value of reconciled data?

Not surprisingly, the creation of regulatory reporting – such as financial reporting – is important for financial institutions. It’s a license to operate. Therefore, it is important to get things done at the right time and with the right quality. But one thing is the importance of financial reporting; another that it has to be repeated, month after month, at the right time and with the appropriate quality. As a result, it should only be natural to focus on optimizing the reporting process. But often that’s not the case.

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Busy business escalator

Known failures in buying Capital Markets software packages

The pace of change in capital markets area has never been higher. Profit margins are under pressure and institutions are seeking ways of lowering their costs. The 2 main drivers behind the increased demand for change is regulation and digitalization.

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Financial institutions

The upside down of financial institutions

Once upon a time not that long ago, banks looked very different from what they do now. My first bank was chosen because it was the bank of my employer, and as I became a customer, I got an actual banking book. My parents kept the book safe, and they handed it out to me with great awe, when I needed to deposit or withdraw money. But that personal connection and relation to a bank has changed today, because of our need for convenience and new IT solutions. The question is how will this change the financial landscape?

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Process Overview – a useful tool or just a waste of time?

Endless workshops, swimming lanes, input / output, triggers and process diagrams. The typical results of a decision to document the business processes of an organization. Is it just a smart idea from the management or can it actually be used for something?

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CMP-case: Hvordan AP Pension gik fra uger til dage i regnskabsaflæggelsen

Capital Market Partners har bistået AP Pension i optimeringen af deres regnskabsprocesser, hvilket har medført, at selskabet nu kan generere de årlige regnskabstal på blot fire dage. Pensionsselskabet går fra at have et ‘go fix it-mindset’ til et ‘proces- og struktur-mindset’, og frigiver dermed mere tid og flere ressourcer til analyser og innovation i stedet for vedligeholdelse og problemløsning.

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