Regulatory Expertise

It is useful to consider regulatory challenges as simply a sign of life- they reflect the evolution of markets, reduce risks, promote a level playing field and crucially promote and protect the economic goals the markets serve.  At the same time, for market actors, intermediaries, utilities, service providers and system vendors the regulatory initiatives are practical challenges- because they are intended to have impacts, and are accompanied by high levels of uncertainty.

CMP’s regulatory expertise builds on our compliance, risk management and implementation experience to help customers meet regulatory goals while supporting their own business objectives.

Examples of regulatory goals include:

  • Ensuring capital adequacy

    Basel III/CRR CRD IV

  • IFRS 9

    Classification and Measurement, Impairment, Hedge Accounting

  • Reducing liquidity risks

    Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Net Stable Funding Requirement

  • Market safety and transparency

    EMIR for OTC markets, MiFID2

  • Securing investment funds


  • Improving the governance of financial institutions

    CRD IV, MiFID2, EBA guidelines

Analysing and understanding the regulatory goals

CMP draws on its experience to reduce the uncertainties accompanying regulatory initiatives.  It builds on analysing and understanding the regulatory goals, and the results that are sought: how regulators want to change market behaviour, reduce risks or increase investor or consumer protection. This underpins how we generate and validate the impact analysis of new regulations- both direct impacts and business model and environmental impacts.

Having identified the right goals