Kenneth Brandborg new partner at CMP

Fifth partner joins CMP: Kenneth Brandborg intensifies his focus on Investment Management as new partner in CMP

It is with great pleasure CMP, from the 1st of May 2017, has been able to celebrate the announcement of Kenneth Brandborg’s new position as partner. As partner, Kenneth is responsible for CMP’s Investment Management practice, one of the areas to focus on right now.


July 12th, 2017


Since 2001, Kenneth has gained extensive experience from the financial sector, focusing on the implementation and development of risk management, return calculation and investment management systems.

Kenneth has been a part of CMP for years, since he started as a consultant in 2014, and later became part of the management, as associate partner, in the spring of 2016. He is now taking the next step in his career, and becomes partner:

“Entering as partner is a natural step for me. With the way I experience CMP, I am very pleased and proud to be able to contribute to the future growth of the company.” Says Kenneth Brandborg.


Kenneth has contributed widely to many of the aspects that make CMP what it is today.

“Kenneth has made a significant contribution to the development of CMP, increased our professionalism and has made great efforts to lead CMP,” explains Christian Thygesen, Managing Partner in CMP, adding:

“There is no doubt that Kenneth is a really good consultant, which we are often told by our clients. He has been responsible for developing external business areas and expanding the clientele. In addition, he has increased CMP’s competencies by recruiting new employees. It is with great pleasure that we, as a company, can welcome Kenneth as a partner.”


Kenneth about CMP: “For me, CMP is a unique place of business. Being able to deliver value to clients through our focus on the combination of IT and business, makes CMP one of the most interesting companies. I look forward to build on the competent employees already working in CMP, and contribute to further strengthen our skills within Investment Management.”


Increased focus on Investment Management in the financial sector

As a partner, Kenneth becomes responsible for CMP’s Investment Management practice, which is one of the areas of focus right now:

“Within Investment Management, there are three things in particular, that are going to get much more attention in the future.

The first thing is Asset Management, which is one of the areas that do not capitalize the banks. We therefore see an increasing competition, which entails large investments in new IT solutions.

 Second is the investment association area, that has been challenged to rethink their business models, as the ban on inducements will have an influence on the business model of investment associations. 

The third thing that is happening these years, is a number of changes in the pension segment. Pension funds merge, outsource ‘non-core processes’ and insource investment decisions. Because of this, all business decisions must be supported by IT.” Kenneth Brandborg explains.


Further strength to navigate CMP forward and face the challenges of the capital market

CMP addresses the challenges faced by companies in the capital market. The combination of business and IT affects companies in the midst of the negotiation process, that is on the agenda of financial institutions.

Within a relatively short period of time, CMP has been able to create a consultancy, that is responsible for delivering high quality expertise and value to their clients.


Kenneth’s entrance in the partnership marks another milestone reached by CMP, and emphasizes their philosophy of an open partnership, where those who contribute the most also have the opportunity to become part of the business.

“Kenneth has taken great part in developing CMP, both internally and externally,” explains Managing Partner, Christian Thygesen, and continues:

“Our approach has always been that CMP is an open partnership. With Kenneth entering the partnership, we now have five partners. We hope, that in the future, there will be more partners, who will want to lift and navigate CMP forward.”



CMP is a consultancy company. We combine our business knowhow with technical knowledge and practical experience of project management within the Capital Markets area to create a bridge between business and technology.

We support the players in the Capital Markets field, ranging from the largest Nordic banks to data centrals to pension and insurance companies to asset management.


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