Capital Market Partners Moves Closer to their Jutland-Based Clients – Opens New Office in Aarhus

October 12, 2018/by Line Graversen

Capital Market Partners Strengthens its Connection with Jutland-based Clients: Opens New Office in Aarhus and Welcomes New Manager to the FRM & Compliance Team

It is with great pleasure Capital Market Partners can welcome…
October 8, 2018/by Line Graversen

CMP bliver #1 i kategorien Danmarks bedste konsulentvirksomhed: ”Vi bygger bro mellem forretningsforståelse og it-understøttelse – og det er efterspurgt af vores kunder”

Hvert år udgiver Computerworld deres top 100 liste, hvor de…
October 3, 2018/by Line Graversen

Capital Market Partners kåret som #1 i kategorien Danmarks bedste it konsulentvirksomhed

Her er Danmarks bedste konsulentvirksomheder - medarbejderne…
September 26, 2018/by Line Graversen

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing – How to Get the Right Match

There is a movement within the financial industry regarding sourcing.…
September 12, 2018/by Line Graversen

What Does it Take to Ensure Accurate and Timely NAV?

Net Asset Value (NAV) is value per share of a mutual fund or…
August 28, 2018/by Line Graversen

High Demands and More Clients Call for Increased Communications Efforts

Over the last couple of years, CMP has experienced large growth.…
August 21, 2018/by Line Graversen

7 Key Takeaways in Fintechgration – Implementing a Fintech Solution

We see a development within the financial sector and in the capital…
August 17, 2018/by Line Graversen

Four Lessons Learned on the MiFID II Ban on Inducements

The partial ban on inducements (formidlingsprovision) related…
August 8, 2018/by Line Graversen

RTS 27 – A Contribution to Transparency?

Among many requirements under MiFID II, RTS 27 demands from market…
July 11, 2018/by Malene Hebjørn

#Fintechgration – Collaboration and Enabling Partnerships

June 28, 2018/by Line Graversen

Moving Towards Continuous Delivery and a Better Agile State

For almost two decades, agile and continuous delivery has had…
June 25, 2018/by Line Graversen
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