About Us

The focus of our services is reflected in our name, Capital Market Partners- we have business insight based on long experience of applying technology and business expertise to achieve  capital market  objectives.  We provide a deep understanding of business, technology and specialisms across asset classes and market activities, and we mobilise this at the level of the practical issues facing market participants and stakeholders, serving the specific objectives at hand.

Our core domain, capital markets, and more specifically CMP’s offer of a combination of business and technical know-how with implementation experience, allows us to help inform strategic decision making at different levels of complexity.

Our approach

Our approach is evidence driven and anchored by experience. We  provide the means of verification alongside the practical advice.  We are realistic about implementation- we also execute what we recommend, and we are experienced.  Our people keep CMP’s business insights focused, and our board holds us to the standards we want to maintain.

We help secure capital market objectives

What we offer is to provide the experience and specialisms to support evidence based decision-making, and  to act as an effective catalyst within implementation teams. We help encapsulate business objectives, set requirements, and design and implement effective processes and technology.

Combining business know-how with technical expertise and practical experience

We combine this business know-how with our technical knowledge and practical experience of project management within the capital markets area to create a bridge between business and technology , in order to secure the business objectives.

This capability to provide strategic and detailed advice reflects CMP personnel’s deep knowledge and long experience of capital markets, which it maintains by helping businessIT and project teams. This allows CMP  to  provide expert advice across a range of business and technical topics.